Reviving the Diamond Connection Among Millenials

How to sell jewellery to the modern buyer

Title: Reviving the Diamond connection among Millennials

Meta description: Ways to sell a diamond to the modern-day buyer

Once touted as a woman’s best friend, the diamond has captured popular affections across generations as the most desirable gemstone in existence. Nothing tops the sight of a dazzling piece, a fine well-crafted diamond on your loved one.

However, when it comes to millennials, the diamond buying experience hasn't exactly been as smooth as expected by retailers, even with the steep fall in prices over the last few years. With the evolving bridal market, there has been a significant change in preferences and demand in selecting jewellery that look stunning and add to purchase value.

Here are a few tips and tricks retailers can take note of to package and sell diamonds convincingly to the millennial clientele:

Go Online

Online jewellery shopping has been a fast emerging trend among Millennials. But in terms of casting a digital footprint, the diamond industry is yet to come up to speed.

The industry as a whole needs to embrace technology more willingly to keep pace with the changes in preference. This entails building and developing more eCommerce sites with a narrowed search feature for a user-friendly experience. If the company does not have the technical expertise to create their own websites, they are in luck as the supply of third-party ecommerce platform creation is abundant, from generic larger platforms like Shopify to niche partners that focus exclusively on the jewellery industry like JewelCounter. Partnering with a website allows companies to digitize quickly while also allowing local or lesser-known brands to reach a broader customer base.

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